It would be hard to miss Jamie's full head of signature red, perfectly coiled, Shirley Temple curls. She was blessed at birth with wonderful springy hair, but she credits DevaCurl with helping her maintain her curls' separation, shine, and color retention. Jamie is an expert at special curly hair highlighting technique called pintura. This technique ensures each highlight is applied to a specific, entire curl. Make an appointment today to see what else she can do!

Currently pink, Casey's long curls are loose, soft, and supple thanks to DevaCurl. She is dedicate educating her clients on the proper care of their curls. From dry cutting, pintura highlighting, and styling, Casey shares passion for healthy, beautiful hair with all her clients. Besides being a cut-and-color guru for hair of any type, Casey is the go-to stylist if you are in need of special occasion hair. She can whip up anything from an elegant wedding up-do to the the highest bouffant you've ever seen (just kidding... or are we?).
Over the years, she has attended numerous hair shows, workshops, and hands-on classes to remain on the cutting edge of today's trends. Come in and see Casey to refresh your curly haircut and color!

Casey Cook
Jamie Bilbrey
Our signature dry curly cut perfects the way each one of your beautiful curls falls, removes bulk without creating frizz, and eliminates unwanted "triangle" styles. Shears are the only tool used in a curly cut - razors and thinning shears are NEVER applied to a curl. Our stylists have been trained in St. Louis, Chicago, and New York by the creators of DevaCurl, and attend annual conferences where they learn the newest innovations in cutting, coloring, and highlighting curly hair.
Deva products restore balance and bring the life back to your hair through an innovative system unlike the traditional "rinse, wash, repeat" methods. Skilled stylists trained in the products and methods of DevaCurl will teach you how to embrace your curls and a healthy hair lifestyle. Everyone has their own fingerprint-like hair type, and picking the right products for you depends on individual factors. A hands-on "curly girl" consultation will identify your unique hair profile and show you what Deva is all about.